CDGA Foundation Holiday Giving

Our 78th year saw another successful year with programming. Golf continues to thrive and we believe providing the people we serve with access to golf opportunities will continue to grow the game.

Our participants and their families express their profound appreciation for generous donors like you, who help make our programs possible. The CDGA Foundation is dedicated to increasing annual support for the CDGA Outreach Programs’ three pillars of service. With this year still being as challenging as ever for a lot of people, golf provided an outlet for many:

  • Youth Youth on Course allows golfers ages 6-18 to play rounds for $5 or less. We saw a record number of Youth in the Chicago District become CDGA members and utilize more than 50 local clubs that participate in the program. Next year, we look to build upon the success of 2022 by adding more courses. The program’s intent is to remove two of the biggest barriers to entry for golf - cost and access. With donations, the CDGA is able to subsidize every round of golf so no golfer will pay more than $5 at a participating course.
  • VeteransSince our inception in 1944 during World War II, we have been supporting and working with our nation’s veterans by utilizing golf to employ both the therapeutic benefits and the social attributes of the sport. RevelationGolf, who is a service provider for the CDGA Outreach Programs with veterans, teaches a local group of women veterans. Lisa Scott, a Chicago native and Army veteran, said “It’s exposed me to new experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.” Without any experience, Lisa has found both golf, and the friends she plays with, to be much more than just a game.
  • Special Needs Our Sunshine Through Golf Camp Program brings the values and benefits of the game to more than 1,000 individuals with special needs throughout the Chicago District. Chris Ioriatti has been at Mistwood Golf Club for 12 years and has taught the special needs golf program there since he arrived. “As the years progressed, it was really cool because we started going into the Special Olympics where there was a skills challenge with everything from chipping, pitching, putting, bunkers, drivers and irons,” said Ioriatti. “This isn’t all about competition, but when you see these kids come back from the local or statewide competition with a medal, they’re smiling ear to ear. They wear them as they come in and stand super tall and are super proud, as they should be.”

Please consider brightening the lives of our participants by giving an increased tax-deductible gift to the CDGA Foundation this holiday season. The 2023 season promises to be exciting for the communities, agencies and families affiliated with the CDGA Foundation but only with your support.

    • Grow the game by giving affordable access to YOUTH: $50 = 10 rounds of golf
      • Enrich the life of a VETERAN: $150 = 5-week golf clinic for a veteran
      • Provide a social outlet for a SPECIAL NEEDS golfer: $100 = 5-week camp

Donating is simple. CLICK HERE to donate securely online.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you and your family a happy, healthy holiday season.