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The 9 “Tee-ps” for fundraising success:

  1. Start early

While the event may be May 21, there’s no time like the present to get started!

  1. Build a donor list

One of the biggest “hurdles” potential participants cite is finding donors.  But your network is much bigger than you think!

  1. Set an inspiring goal

Set a goal for your network to reach and commit yourself!  In the past, participants have utilized inspiring pledges or pitches to get their networks to contribute—invite your friends to give up their $5 daily latte for just one week and contribute $25 to you and a worthwhile cause!

  1. Tell the story

The CDGA Foundation utilizes the game of golf to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs, veterans and youth.  Each year, we work with more than 2,000 individuals with special needs and veterans, taking the therapeutic benefits of the game and incorporating it into camps and clinics to help those individuals physically and spiritually. In 2021, just the program’s fifth season in Illinois, nearly 4,000 youth golfers played almost 11,000 affordable-access rounds at 45 participating courses.

  1. Setup a fundraising page

Already in the event?  Contact Alex Nolly on the CDGA Foundation staff to help setup your personalized fundraising page to drive donors to!

  1. Share your progress and passion socially…and creatively!

Keep your network engaged in your progress and passion.  Sharing via social media your “training regimen” for the marathon—think pics or videos of yourself at the range working on your game—are a kind reminder to your network that you’ve accepted the 100-hole challenge and are working to help the beneficiaries of our programs.  You can also share your progress towards your fundraising goal.

  1. Show gratitude

Whether it is a thank you note or email, always be sure to thank those donors supporting you!  We are happy to provide photos from the day if you want to personalize your thanks to your network and share your achievement!

  1. Ask Again/Remind

Don’t just rely on your initial ask.  Everyone is busy and people who want to support you may miss your initial ask.  Kindly reminding your network of your participation in the event as it draws near is an excellent way to spur late engagement in your quest.

  1. HAVE FUN!

You can’t spell fundraiser without FUN!  While we are doing all we can to support individuals with special needs, veterans and youth, golf is a game we love and we want you to have FUN supporting our programs and accomplishing 100 holes of golf on May 21, 2022!